The Mystery of the Fruitcake is Explained!

For over a century civilians and public servants alike have pondered the mystery of the fruitcake.  What exactly is it?  Where does it come from?  And most puzzling, why does it come at all? Now, for the first time, the great mystery of fruitcakes is explained – at least partially.  The tale of these annoying […]


A 24-year Love Affair With a Truly Unique Airline

It all started innocently enough in Denver, Colorado. A truly unique airline is born. The “hometown airline” gets pulled together by a bunch of the hometown enthusiasts. A folksy and savvy CEO who prefers a rural existence, a few lightly-credentialed but experienced and caring executives, an extraordinarily disciplined, ethical, and qualified board of directors, and […]

Economic Humor

Economic Humor for Today

Here is today’s economic humor. “Giving an economic speech is a bit like peeing down your leg. It seems hot to you but it almost never does to anyone else”. -Lyndon B. Johnson Enjoy other posts by Jeff Linroth