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The “Land of Can”

The Land of Canaan was a large and prosperous country. Today I propose that we can bring great and varied forms prosperity to everyone else as well as ourselves if we become citizens of “The Land of Can”.

The Land of Can

What is this Land? It is comprised of wonderful human beings who persist in the face of adversity…large or small. They hail from “The Land of Can” because they consistently and demonstrate that they have the skill and the will to do what a situation calls for. Their actions and their attitudes also lift those around them to have persistence and an upbeat disposition…especially, in the face of challenge. Citizenship in this land is difficult to obtain and it requires maintenance. Perseverance, patience, the ability and willingness to endure pain, and delayed gratification are important character traits here. The rewards, however, often dwarf the prices paid. They can include lasting peace of mind, deep lifelong friendships, professional respect, financial success, and many many other profound meaningful outcomes. Ultimately citizens live a meaningful life. The rewards can also extend far beyond the individual citizen and those nearby. The entire human race is sometimes advanced by the sustained actions of one or more “Can-ites”.

The Land of Can’t

From time-to-time we encounter people who hail from “The Land of Can’t”. They are prone to make excuses and to discuss the why’s and wherefores of why they didn’t or won’t do something (sometimes it’s a thing they committed to do or are reasonably expected to do). Excuses are a prominent feature among these citizens. This citizenship is easily obtained. In fact it is where almost every child begins. For countless reasons many reach adulthood and are still spending most of their time in this land. It is a difficult citizenship to renounce…but it is worth the effort!


The truth of the matter is that many of us hold a “dual citizenship”. We want to be from “The Land of Can”! But we find ourselves revisiting “Can’t land”. That’s just part of being human. Let’s resolve to maximize our time in “Can land”.

  • Jeff Linroth – Longmont

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This is excellent. “Land of Can” is what all humans should strive for.
Let’s rid our minds of “Land of Can’t” if at all possible !

Hmmmm…. excellent comments. My take: It’s rather a bit cold in Can, at lease it is six months out of the year…..

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