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“I Want to See the Country”

“I want to see the country” is a phrase many of us have heard…usually accompanied by “When I retire and have time to travel”. A great way to “see the country” before you retire…is to take a different route each time you travel by car or train. An easy way to do this is to “collect […]

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It’s All Just Time

Time management…we are all encouraged to manage our time and use it wisely. Likewise with money. We are supposed to “manage” it. In particular, we are to spend it wisely. It helps to think of money as your claim on someone else’s time…your ability to get others to spend their time creating a product or […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Jeff Linroth website. It exists to share ideas that are intended to be helpful, meaningful, fun, or some combination of these. Enjoy!– Jeff Linroth – Longmont